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                                        There is no coincidence that you have been led to my site

Brent Atwater
Medical Intuitive, Animal Reincarnation Authority,
Founder: The Global Pet Loss Hope!

There is no coincidence that you have been led to my site

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                      "I'm Home!" Books Pet Animal Reincarnation
                                        a Dog's Never Ending Love Story

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Animal & Pet Loss
Animal Reincarnation

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the Dog with a "B"
on His Bottom!!!
"I'm Home!"
       a Cat's Never          
 Ending Love Story


This pet animal reincarnation book covers any questions you can ever come up with!" AH

"I'm Home!"
a Dog's Never Ending


to purchase  "I'm Home, a Dog's Never Ending Love Story" 
Pet  Dog Reincarnation   

autographed by Brent Atwater

“I’m Home!” chronicles the story of how Friend reunites with Brent many times in her life and how other dogs return to their owners.  Friend’s heartwarming experiences and those of other dogs inspire your soul with love filled journeys of devotion and reunion!”
           “A must-read classic for all dog and animal lovers!”

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The “I’m Home!” book series shares heartwarming pet and animal stories that illustrate the various signs and different events that occurred during the times when my clients, friends, family and myself suffered through pet loss, grieving, beginning the new search process and how each of us was led to be reunited with our beloved reincarnated animal companions. PLUS, there is a special section that has questions and answers about the pet reincarnation process.

Animal Lover's Reviews ***

  to purchase  "I'm Home, a Dog's Never Ending Love Story" 
                         Pet Past Lives and Pet Reincarnation

autographed by Brent Atwater

The Dog with a "B" on His Bottom!
An inspirational and heartwarming story about a dog teaching a young woman to never give up hope after losing someone you love. 
Monogrammed by an Angel with a "B" on his bottom,
“Friend” was sent from Heaven to heal a girl’s heart!


I'm Home! a Horse's Never Ending Love Story


MORE Pet Animal Lover's comments with their photos ( submit your story)
    about the "I'm Home!" a Dog's Never Ending Love Story,
   Pet Past Lives and Pet Reincarnation
pet loss grief support series by Brent Atwater

  I'm Home, a Dog's Never Ending Love Story
   about pet past lives and animal pet reincarnation

Paperback: 211 pages
      ● Hardback:   211 pages
      ● Publisher: BookSurge (2010)
EAN13 :
ebook ISBN:
Photographs: 20 color photos;   illustrations
      ● Product Dimensions: 7  x 10 x 0.0 inches
Shipping Weight: 
      ● Language: English 2010,
Item #:

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