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                                        There is no coincidence that you have been led to my site

For years,
Brent's extraordinary gift to see inside your body
has helped people all over the world find
healing solutions for their
 health questions and issues.
Brent Atwater
    Founder of MIDI- Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging™
he X ray vision body scan process that diagnoses current conditions and future health issues

At 5 years old, Brent's intuitive gift was discovered by Duke University's
    Dr. J. B. Rhine in his original ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) test group. For over 2 decades as a
    "Human MRI" Brent has looked inside human and pet's bodies to diagnosis
    current health issues and determine future conditions.
    Brent's extraordinary gift to see inside a body like x-ray vision allows
    Ms. Atwater to look at organs, bones, tissue, nerve damage etc.
    in addition to receiving detailed medical information to evaluate
1. the source of health conditions 
    2. to provide intuitive curative solutions
3. to predict future health events

Brent's ability enables her to discover rare diseases and disorders,
determine symptoms and medical conditions, facilitate healing health problems,
uncover wrong diagnoses and misdiagnosis, 
and assist individual's healing for people all over the globe.

See Brent's groundbreaking Medical Intuition Books!

Medical intuition how to see inside a body

 In 2010 MS Atwater released Medical Intuition, MIDI - Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging™
How to See Inside a Body to Diagnose
Health Issues
leading edge book esta
blishes evidence based research that documents
    and bridges traditional medicine and alternative therapies into
    holistic integrative energy medicine and contributes to building a sound foundation for
the field of holistic medicine and the science of Medical Intuition. 

Brent's medical intuitive diagnosis and animal reincarnation research are pioneers in their fields.
Ms. Atwater’s weekly Q & A radio shows, podcasts,
audience participatory
workshops, upbeat seminars, speaking tours and consultations are
fun, inspirational and educational. 

    In 1987 Brent founded the Just Plain Love® Charitable Trust to benefit
    children’s and other worthwhile causes and later Just Plain Love® Books.  
As an author she has released 10 books with more to follow.
    Ms. Atwater
researched pet animal reincarnation for decades. Her evidence
    and stories gathered from around the world enabled Brent to write 4 books
    describing the process and signs of pet reincarnation and animal reincarnation.
    Brent can see future physical energy, so she can determine from your
    pet's energy and past lives, if and when your pet is going to reincarnate.

    Brent is a pioneer in healing art medicine in the USA. In 2004 she
    produced the first pilot study that scientifically documented the healing
    energy, diagnostic abilities and healing benefits of her art for healthcare,
Paintings That Heal®


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ALWAYS consult a physician, trained health care professional or
veterinarian concerning advice,
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